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Pix Clip - Move on up
Curtis Mayfield

Live - Pusherman
Curtis Mayfield

Music Clip - New world order
Curtis Mayfield

Curtis Mayfield

Live - Superfly
Photo Pix Clip Give Me Your Love

Pix Clip Curtis Mayfield - Give me your love

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The title comes from the album : The Best Of Curtis Mayfield

The Best Of Curtis Mayfield Cover The best of Curtis Mayfield
Move on up Get down Give it up - No music video Little child runnin wild - No music video Pusherman Freddie's dead Give me your love Eddie you should know... No thing on me - No music video Superfly People get ready - No music video Right on for the darkness If there's a hell below... - No music video You're so good to me - No music video

Lyrics of Give Me Your Love

The lyrics of Give Me Your Love are not yet available but, if you wish, you can share it.

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Curtis Mayfield Live It's All Right

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