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Christina Goh's last song, "Raison voilée"- Buckled reason is amazing. The clip was produced by Marc-Gilbert Lachin, creator of the structure Allo-Jazz and specialist in live productions (Golden Django). The clip was realized in the Etagereprod studios in the Ile de France in Europe. Christina Goh chose a video showing at its best the authenticity of the live concept. The artist is seen in her naturalness. Complicity between the musicians of the trio and the power of the text are underlined : “Buckled reason” is a percussion song filled with cheerfulness. The clip was conceived to be effective, without fuss, at the same time revealing all the tenderness of the text. I hope to share with those who watch it the blinks of eye that strew the video… " Christina’s happiness is communicative and the video clip trailer lets forecast a soft revolution: That is Naturalness. Discover the video subtitled in english on Jukebo! http://www.jukebo.com/christina-goh/music-clip,raison-voilee,qksrkm.html

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